Radio Silence!!!

Radio Silence - Alice Oseman

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audible audiobook


Summary: Frances Janvier spends most of her time studying.

Everyone knows Aled Last as that quiet boy who gets straight As.

You probably think that they are going to fall in love or something. Since he is a boy and she is a girl.

They don’t. They make a podcast.

In a world determined to shut them up, knock them down, and set them on a cookie cutter life path, Frances and Aled struggle to find their voices over the course of one life-changing year. Will they have the courage to show everyone who they really are? Or will they be met with radio silence?


My review: I'M IN LOVE!!!


Seriously, I'm in love with everything that Alise Oseman is writing. This is now my second book by her and so not my last one. I need to read everything she already has out and I need to read everything she is going to publish in the future. I NEED EVERYTHING.


She has just such a unique and special way to write her stories and her characters. I LOVE HER CHARACTERS SO DAMN MUCH. Frances and Aled, I'M IN LOVE WITH BOTH OF THEM. I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP. I love a strong friendship in a book and this is what I got right here.


While I listened to the book and got closer and closer to the end, I already felt the need to reread or relisten to it. I LOVE THE STORY JUST SO DAMN MUCH!!!!!

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