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My name is Nicole. I'm 30 years old and live in germany. This is going to be my little space where I share all my thoughts on books that I have read. English books will get a english review. German books get an english and german review if the book is available in english.




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Spies, Lies, and Allies!!!

Spies, Lies, and Allies - Lisa Brown Roberts

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.

This book comes out May 4th, and you should totally check it out!!!



Summary: Summers are supposed to be fun, right? Not mine. I’ve got a job at my dad’s company, which is sponsoring a college scholarship competition. I just found out that, in addition to my job assisting the competing interns, I’m supposed to vote for the winner. Totally not what I signed up for.

There’s a crazy guy running the competition like it’s an episode of Survivor. Then there’s Carlos, who is, well, very distracting –– in a good way. But I can’t even think about him that way because Crazy Guy says any fraternizing on the job means instant disqualification for the intern involved.

As if that’s not enough, an anonymous weirdo with insider intel is trying to sabotage my dad’s company on social media…and I’m afraid it’s working.

Much as I’d love to quit, I can’t. Kristoffs Never Quit is our family motto. I just hope there’s more than one survivor by the end of this summer.




There is a reason why Lisa Brown Roberts is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite YA authors. Her stories are just amazing, the settings are great and her characters always become my favorites.


So let's talk about the setting. I loved it. I loved the whole internship/scholarship scenario. Cause it brought together so many great characters, that probably never would have become friends, if it wasn't for that special circumstance and the bond they now share while going through all the ups and downs of their internship.


Which brings me right to the characters. I loved them. I loved every single one of them. Firstly, Laurel, the main characters. (Fun fact, give me a Laurel in any book, tv show or movie, and I will probably love her.) I loved her right from the start. She's a fangirl just like me. To the pain of the people around me, I always find a tv show or movie reference to every situation in life. Sorry, not sorry.
I loved the other interns as well. I loved Trish, she was everything I want to be. I loved Ashley. And the dudes, Elijah, Carlos and Jason. Jason just was that hurt little puppy that I wanted to protect at all costs.


There were also some great relationships. I loved Laurel and her parents, especially her dad, since we got more of that relationship. I loved their car rides and how Laurel came around and saw that her father and his company aren't anything evil.
Right from the beginning of the book, the first time the interns met, I wanted nothing more from this book, than lots of amazing friendships. Especially Laurel and Trish. Both had so many prejudices towards each other, that's why I wanted them to get over that and become the great friends, that I knew they could be. I especially loved moments when the whole group was together, the fussball tournament, the time when they all got locked into the basement. I loved these moments, thats when they really came together and started to really get to know each other and became a great time and good friends. I'm always here for that.
And of course the lovestory of Laurel and Carlos. It's something that we all knew would happen but I still enjoyed it a lot. They had some really great chemistry. Sometimes they were frustrating, especially Carlos, when he got jealous of Jason and was just a jerk. I also loved meeting Carlos' family, they were such a fun bunch.


Overall, I truly loved this book and can totally see myself reading this one a few more times. On a side note, I also really wanna read the book Laurel was reading in the story, I wanna get to know Qa'hr myself.

Reading progress update: I've read 14%.

If I Tell You - Alicia Tuckerman

Good god, Fiona is the worst. I already dislike Lin and Justin a lot BUT FIONA IS THE WORST.

Reading progress update: I've read 14%.

Shopaholic - Maria Koschny, Sophie Kinsella

I tried reading this last year, ended up dnf'ing it, cause I couldn't bring myself to actually read it. I came by the audiobook on spotify today and I'M LOVING IT. This is so weird. But yeah.

My March 2018

Count Of Monte Cristo Manga Classics - Alexandre Dumas Mörderische Hingabe - 33.Fall für Lieutenant Eve Dallas - J.D. Robb Verrat aus Leidenschaft - J.D. Robb The Tailor - Leigh Bardugo She Felt Like Feeling Nothing - R.H. Sin Phantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind: Das Originaldrehbuch - J.K. Rowling, Anja Hansen-Schmidt Ein Moment fürs Leben [Audiobook] - Cecelia Ahern, Luise Helm, Christine Strüh Assassin of Truths - Brenda Drake
Manga Classics: Count Of Monte Cristo - 4 stars
Mörderische Hingabe - 5 stars
Verrat aus Leidenschaft - 5 stars
The Tailor - 5 stars
She Felt Like Feeling Nothing - 4 stars
Phantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind: Das Originaldrehbuch - 5 stars
Ein Moment fürs Leben - 5 stars
Assassin of Truths - 4 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: Mörderische Hingabe, Verrat aus Leidenschaft, She Felt Like Feeling Nothing, Phantastische Tierwesen, Ein Moment fürs Leben


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Mind Platter (dnf'd it in the meantime), If I Tell You, Die Bibliothek der besonderen Kinder


This month was amazing!!!!

I feel so proud of myself, not only did I read a lot but I also enjoyed all of these books. Not all of them will stick with me forever but they were still great. I'm also happy to say that so far I'm doing really good with my mission to catch up/or finish series/trilogies this year.

Mind Platter!!!

Mind Platter - Najwa Zebian

this just didn't work for me


Assassin of Truths!!!

Assassin of Truths - Brenda Drake

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.

This is the last book in the Library Jumpers Trilogy.


I finished another series/trilogy. This is my mission this year, finishing series or at least catching up on series that are still not finished. So far I'm doing pretty good. Yay me!


Summary (cause it's not that spoilery): The gateways linking the great libraries of the world don’t require a library card, but they do harbor incredible dangers.

And it’s not your normal bump-in-the- night kind. The threats Gia Kearns faces are the kind with sharp teeth and knifelike claws. The kind that include an evil wizard hell-bent on taking her down.

Gia can end his devious plan, but only if she recovers seven keys hidden throughout the world’s most beautiful libraries. And then figures out exactly what to do with them.

The last thing she needs is a distraction in the form of falling in love. But when an impossible evil is unleashed, love might be the only thing left to help Gia save the world.


I was back in the world right from the beginning, I especially loved that we got a few reminders of what happened before. It was enough to jog my memory but not too much that it got repetetive (look at me using new words). I also loved that we gt right back into action, that's what I love about these books, they are just so action filled.


I just love these characters in this story. Gia is an amazing character, the author doesn't go the route of making her a strong character by never having her cry, WHICH I LOVE. You can be strong and still show emotions. There was also some mystery about Gia and her globes, that I won't go in detail about but that I totally loved. Emily was also back, while I strongly disliked her in the second book until we figured some stuff out, I loved her in this final book. She was amazing. Like always I enjoyed every moment that had Nana, Pop and Afton in it. But also the other sentinels like Lei (my favorite ducky), Jaran (his friendship with Gia will always be my absolute favorite!), and Demos.


I still couldn't care less about Nick (I mean I feel for him, but I wasn't a big fan of him before everything went down, so) or Bastien. I'm sorry, I just can't. This is also why I read everything relating to Gia and Bastien very loosely. I can't. And Arik, ARIK. Good god, how I miss that dude from book one. Book two was a mess when it came to him. The beginning of this book, I couldn't deal with him and was very glad to see things change around the middle towards the end. I love Arik with all my heart, but damn, it's been a rough time.


Another part that I truly enjoyed in this book, was seeing the fairy realm, seeing all the other havens and covens. I just love all the world building, it was beautiful and just so very well done.


Overall, I truly enjoyed this trilogy. Not everything went how I wanted it to go but I can live with that, I still liked it alot.

Ein Moment fürs Leben // The Time of My Life!!!

Ein Moment fürs Leben [Audiobook] - Cecelia Ahern, Luise Helm, Christine Strüh

german and english review



Das Buch ist einfach eins meiner absoluten Cecelia Ahern Bücher, ich könnte es wieder und wieder lesen und bin immer noch total begeistert, wie wunderschön es geschrieben ist, wie unglaublich toll die Geschichte ist und wie sehr ich jeden einzelnen der Charaktere liebe (außer Blake, geh nach Hause!)


Inhalt: Du hast eine Verabredung – mit deinem Leben

Eigentlich wundert sich Lucy Silchester über gar nichts mehr: dass ihre große Liebe sie verlassen hat, dass sie aus ihrem Job geflogen ist oder dass sie eine Einladung zu einem Treffen bekommt – von ihrem eigenen Leben! Aber als sie tatsächlich zu dem Termin geht und es direkt vor ihr steht, ist Lucy dann doch überrascht: So hat sie sich ihr Leben wirklich nicht vorgestellt!


Ich liebe Lucy als Hauptcharakter. Sie ist eine absolute Katastrophe, aber ich liebe sie, sie ist großartig. Sie hat ein eigenartiges Verhältnis zur Wahrheit, aber sie ist unheimlich liebenswert und ihre Art von Humor ist total mein Ding. Ich liebe vor allem die Entwicklung, die sie durch macht. Wie sie anfängt sich um sich selbst zu kümmern, nach dem sie vor Augen geführt kriegt, wie mickrig ihr Leben eigentlich ist. Wie sie sich um die Beziehungen in ihrem Leben kümmert.


Da komme ich auch schon gleich zu dem nächsten Punkt, ich liebe die verschiedenen Beziehungen in dem Buch. Familiäre Beziehungen, ich liebe es wie sich die Beziehung zwischen Lucy und ihrer Mutter zum Ende des Buches total verändert. Mit ihrem Vater werde ich wohl nie warm und Lucy wahrscheinlich auch nicht. Ich mag außerdem die kleine Freundschaft zwischen Lucy und ihrer Nachbarin Claire (ihre Geschichte berührt mich jedes Mal wieder). Und dann natürlich Lucy und Don. Ich liebe Don. Don ist großartig, vom ersten Moment an, bis zum Schluss. Und er ist einfach so viel besser als Blake, deswegen bricht es mir immer in der Mitte des Buches das Herz, wenn Lucy denkt, sie müsste wieder mit Blake zusammen kommen. Ugh, nein danke. Und dann natürlich die wichtigste Beziehung in dem ganzen Buch, Lucy und ihr Leben. Wie sie ihn am Anfang einfach ignoriert, sie dann Freunde werden und er sich am Ende wieder verabschieden muss, weil sein Job fürs erste getan ist. (Was mich übrigens an eine erwachsene Version von Nanny McPhee erinnert). Je besser sich Lucy in ihrem Leben schlägt, je mehr Dinge sie ins positive verändert, um so besser geht es ihrem Leben.


Ich liebe das Buch einfach. Es diesmal als Hörbuch zu lesen, war ebenfalls ein schönes Erlebnis.




This book will always be one of my absolute favorite Cecelia Ahern books,I could read it over and over again and still be amazed how beautiful it is written, how amazing the story is and how much I love every one of the characters (except Blake, go home!)


Summary: Lucy Silchester has an appointment with her life – and she’s going to have to keep it.

Lying on Lucy Silchester’s carpet one day when she returns from work is a gold envelope. Inside is an invitation – to a meeting with Life. Her life. It turns out she's been ignoring it and it needs to meet with her face to face.

It sounds peculiar, but Lucy’s read about this in a magazine. Anyway, she can’t make the date: she’s much too busy despising her job, skipping out on her friends and avoiding her family.

But Lucy’s life isn’t what it seems. Some of the choices she’s made – and stories she’s told – aren’t what they seem either. From the moment she meets the man who introduces himself as her life, her stubborn half-truths are going to be revealed in all their glory – unless Lucy learns to tell the truth about what really matters to her.


I love Lucy as a maincharacter. She is a total mess but I love her, she is amazing. She has a very loose relationship with the truth but she is just so damn lovable and her sense of humor is right up my alley. I especially love the journey she takes through this book. How she starts taking of herself, after she sees right in front of her eyes how pathetic her life looks. How she starts to work on the relationships in her life.


Which brings me right to the next point, I LOVE all the different relationships in this book. Family relationships, I just love how Lucy's relationship to her mother changes towards the end of the book. I will never be comfortable with her father, so will Lucy probably. I also love that little friendship between Lucy and her neighbour Claire (her story just touches me every time). And of course, we have Lucy and Don. I love Don. He is just the greatest from the beginning until the very end. That's why it hurts so much in the middle of the book, when Lucy thinks that she should actually get back together with Blake. Ugh, no thanks. And last but not least, the most important relationship in the book, Lucy and her life. How she avoided him in the beginning, how they became friends and how he had to say goodbye, cause his job was done for now. (Something that totally reminds me of a grown up version of Nanny McPhee). The better Lucy takes care of her life, the more things she changes for the better, the better he feels and looks.


I just love this book. Listening to the audio book this time around, was also a great experience.


Phantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind (Original Drehbuch) // Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Original Screenplay)!!!

Phantastische Tierwesen und wo sie zu finden sind: Das Originaldrehbuch - J.K. Rowling, Anja Hansen-Schmidt

german and english review



Inhalt: Der Magizoologe Newt Scamander will in New York nur einen kurzen Zwischenstopp einlegen. Doch als sein magischer Koffer verloren geht und ein Teil seiner phantastischen Tierwesen entkommt, steckt Newt in der Klemme – und nicht nur er.


Ich wollte ja immer mit dem Buch warten bis ich endlich die Harry Potter Serie komplett gelesen habe aaaaber, ich wollte einfach nicht mehr warten.


Den Film habe ich vorher schon gesehen, deswegen war jetzt nichts in dem Buch wirklich neu für mich, trotzdem war es unglaublich schön es zu lesen, hat unheimlich Spaß gemacht und war wirklich wunderschön und magisch.


Ich liebe diese Welt einfach. Ich liebe die Charaktere. Newt, Tina, Jacob, und Queenie. Vor allem Queenie, ich liebe Queenie. Ich liebe jeden Moment zwischen Jacob und Queenie. AHHHH!!!! Ich liebe Jacob und wie er die Zauberwelt kennenlernt und alles zum Ende hin ist einfach so bittersüß.


Und dann natürlich Newts Koffer und dessen Innenleben, einfach so wunderschön magisch, die Welt darin, wie jedes der Tierwesen seinen eigenen Lebensraum hat.


Hab ich schon erwähnt, dass ich das Buch einfach nur magisch schön fand?!




Summary: When Magizoologist Newt Scamander arrives in New York, he intends his stay to be just a brief stopover. However, when his magical case is misplaced and some of Newt's fantastic beasts escape, it spells trouble for everyone…


I always wanted to read this book as soon as I finished reading the complete Harry Potter series buuuuut, I was tired of waiting.


I watched the movie way back when, so nothing in this book was really new to me, STILL, it was amazing to read it, it was fun, it was just beautiful and magical.


I love this world. I adore and love these characters. Newt, Tina, Jacob, and Queenie. Especially Queenie, I LOVE Queenie. I love the moment between Jacob and Queenie. AAAAAH!!!!! I love Jacob and how he discovers the magical world and everything towards the end of the book was just so damn bittersweet.


And of course Newts suitcase and what's in it, so beautiful, so magicals, that world inside where everyone of the beasts has it's own living space.


Did I mention that I think that whole book is just magically beautiful?!


She Felt Like Feeling Nothing!!!

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing - R.H. Sin

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


I read the first few pages and went straight to amazon to put the actual paperback on my wishlist, cause I need this at home.


I'm not saying it's the best and most original stuff I ever read, but I loved it and it made me feel a lot of things. I can't wait to re-read this over and over again.

The Tailor!!!

The Tailor - Leigh Bardugo

This is a super short story from the Grisha series. This is just a little scene from Genya's point of you. And I loved it. With 18 pages this was such a fast read but I still enjoyed it alot, mainly because Genya is my everything and I love her with all my heart. That's it, that's the review LOL

Verrat aus Leidenschaft // Treachery in Death!!!

Verrat aus Leidenschaft - J.D. Robb

german and english review


Das Buch gehört jetzt eindeutig zu meinen Lieblingsbänden in der Serie, ich hab es von Anfang an einfach nur so verschlungen und wollte es garnicht aus der Hand legen, was ich stellenweise auch garnicht getan habe und das Buch um einiges schneller fertig gelesen habe als ich es sonst von Büchern aus der Reihe gewöhnt bin.


Im Allgemeinen liebe ich die Serie einfach, sie ist eine meiner Lieblingsserien, ich glaube ich habe bis fast alle Bücher mit 5 Sternen bewertet, nur einmal eine 3 Sterne Bewertung. Ich finde die Serie noch immer unterhaltsam und interessant, obwohl das jetzt auch schon Band 32 ist. Ich liebe die Charaktere und liebe es zu sehen wie sie sich entwickeln und was das Leben so für sie bereit hält.


Jetzt zu dem Band.


Peabody. Peabody hat eine entscheidende Rolle in dem Buch. Nicht nur darf sie ihren ersten Fall leiten (klar, es war nur ein kleiner Fall und er war schnell gelöst, aber es war ihr allererster Fall bei dem sie die Leitung führen konnte), aber vor allem auch, weil sie durch Zufall auf Informationen gestoßen ist, der einen großen Fall ins Rollen gebracht hat, der wirklich heftig und auch ziemlich frustrierend war. Korruption bei Polizisten ist eins meiner Lieblingsthemen, weil ich es um sehr mehr genieße, wenn ihnen durch anständige Polizisten das Handwerk gelegt wird.


Die Mädels in dem Buch haben mir wie immer das größte Vergnügen bereitet. Ich mochte den kleinen Moment als Mavis Dallas ausgeholfen hat und wieder mal für einen kleinen Moment als Trickbetrügerin auftreten konnte. Eve's Moment mit Bella. Ich brauch davon mehr, einfach weil es Eve so unheimlich schwer fällt und sie sich richtig windet sobald sie den Wurm in die Arme gedrückt bekommt. Es war auch schön Louise wieder zu sehen, obwohl der Grund nicht wirklich schön war. Damit kommen wir auch gleich zu Lilah Sloan. Oh Gott, ich hab ehrlich mit ihr mitgezittert und meinen Nerven wurden wirklich auch viel zu sehr in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. Ich hoffe wirklich das wir von ihr noch viel mehr in zukünftigen Bänden sehen werden. Genauso wie Janburry und Delfino, die zwei als Partner waren einfach nur super unterhaltsam.


Außerdem ist eine meiner absoluten Lieblingsstorylines zurück. Der Schokoladen Dieb. Eve war sich zu sicher mit ihrem neuen Versteck, sie wurde nachlässig. Der Schokoladen Dieb ist zurück. Ich liebe diese Storyline einfach!!!!!!!


Ohne zu viel zu verraten, war der Fall wirklich super spannend und interessant gemacht. Und krank. Ganz ehrlich, wie manche Dinge gerechtfertig worden. Wie Kollegen und Untergebene benutzt und aus dem Weg geräumt wurden. Schrecklich. Um so mehr hab ich die letzten zwei/drei Kapitel genossen.




This book is totally one of my favorites in this series, right from the beginning I just devoured this story and didn't want to put the book down, and I actually didn't put it down that often, cause I'm usually taking much longer to actually finish these books.


Overall, I love this series, it's absolutely one of my favorite series, I think I rated nearly all the books with 5 stars, just one time, there was a 3 star raiting. I still think that the series is very entertaining and interesting, even though this one was already the 32nd book. I love the characters and love to see how they develope and what live has in store for them.


Now to this one...


Peabody. Peabody has a major role in this book. Not only does she get to lead her first case (granted, it was a small one and it was very quickly solved, it was still her first case that she got to lead), but also, by accident she stumbled over some informations that lead to a huge ass case, that was intense and really frustrating. I love the theme of corruption within the police, cause I just enjoy it so much more when actual good cops stop them


The ladies in this book, like always, totally made my day. I loved that little moment when Mavis helped Eve out with the case and got to go back to her grifter days for a little bit. Eve's little moment with Bella. I want more of that, purely because I enjoy how uncomfortable Eve is as soon as she has the little cutie in her arms. It was also great to have a little bit of Louise, even though I didn't enjoy the reason at all. Which brings my right to Lilah Sloan. Good god, I was honestly shaking and my nerves, MY NERVES. I really hope that we will get to see more of her in future books. Just like Janburry and Delfino, their partnership was truly entertaining.


Also, my favorite storyline came back. The candy/chocolate thief. Eve just was too sure with her new hidding spot and got really sloppy. Now he or she is back. I just love this storyline so much!!!!!!!!!!


Withough saying too much, the case was super intense and very interesting. Also sickening. Seriously, how they justified some things. How colleagues and subordinates were used and gotten rid off. Insane. The more I enjoyed the last two/three chapters of the book, though.

Mörderische Hingabe // Indulgence in Death!!!

Mörderische Hingabe - 33.Fall für Lieutenant Eve Dallas - J.D. Robb

german and english review


Ich hab doch tatsächlich schon wieder ein Buch fertig gelesen. Es wurde echt Zeit.


Mann, war was Buch gut aber auch wirklich stellenweise richtig verstörend. Reiche Leute sind einfach die Schlimmsten.


Ich mag es, das wir in dem Buch mit dem Urlaub von Eve und Roarke anfangen. Dass wir die Beiden abseits von New York erleben, ohne berufliche Verpflichtungen und dann auch noch mit Roarke's Familie (Ich liebe die ganze Bande einfach). Ein kleiner, schnell aufgeklärter Mordfall zwischen durch und dann kann der Urlaub weiter gehen. Eve Dallas auf dem Land ist übrigens eins meiner absoluten Highlights. Ugh, diese Stadtmenschen, LOL


Eve hat den Urlaub vor dem großen Fall zurück in New York auch wirklich gebraucht, denn ich hatte beim Lesen das Gefühl, dass die Charaktere in dem ganzen Buch, dass ungefähr eine Woche umfasst hat, wirklich nur drei Stunden geschlafen haben und ansonsten unermüdlich mit Hilfe von Koffein und anderen (legalen) Muntermachern durchgearbeitet haben.


Der Fall. Der Fall war wirklich heftig aber von der Autorin unglaublich klasse durchdacht. Man wusste eigentlich ziemlich schnell wer für die Taten verantwortlich ist, trotzdem war es durchweg bis zum Schluss spannend. Für mich hatte das Buch einfach alles was ich an den Büchern so sehr liebe. Ich bin begeistert.




I finally finished another book. About time.


Damn, that book was great but sometimes a bit disturbing. Rich people are the worst.


I loved that we started the book in the middle of Eve's and Roarke's vacation. That we got to see them outside of New York, without any work commitments and then of course, Roarke's family (I just love these people). A little, really fast and easy solved case and then they could go back to vacation mode. Eve Dallas in the countryside is my favorite thing ever. Ugh, these city people LOL


I think Eve really needed that vacation before she got the new big case back in New York, cause while reading, I got the feeling that all the characters throughout the book, which was about a week of a timeline, only got about three hours of sleep and worked their butts of the rest of the time, while running on caffeine and other (legal) eye-opener.


The case. The case was seriously crazy but so well thought out by the author. We knew pretty soon who was behind the murders but it was still suspenseful until the very end. For me, the book had everything that I love about this series. I'm psyched.

Reading progress update: I've read 19%.

She Felt Like Feeling Nothing - R.H. Sin

I already love this A LOT!!!!

Manga Classics: Count of Monte Cristo!!!

Count Of Monte Cristo Manga Classics - Alexandre Dumas

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


It took me quite a long time to finish this Manga, it wasn't really the stories fault, more my own. First I had a bit of a reading slump, then I forgot to pick it up again. But I finished it today. And I truly enjoyed the story.


I LOVE a good revenge story, not going to lie. Granted, sometimes the revenger can go a little bit too far, people react differently and really bad things happen that he or she didn't want to happen. As was the case in this story.


I never read the original, I think it has tons of pages, so I probably never will read it, so I can't say if it was true to the original and if all the important things are mentioned. But I can tell you, that I felt like I really got to know the story very well and that for me, everything that was important was mentioned.


Once again, the artwork was just so damn stunning.

My February 2018

So klingt dein Herz: Roman - Cecelia Ahern, Christine Strüh Renegade Red: Book Two of The Light Trilogy - Lauren Bird Horowitz
So klingt dein Herz - 4 stars
Renegade Red - 4.5 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: So klingt dein Herz


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Mörderische Hingabe, Count of Monte Cristo, Ein Moment fürs Leben, Assassin of Truths


Let's not talk about february. Seriously. LET'S NOT!!!!


Renegade Red!!!

Renegade Red: Book Two of The Light Trilogy - Lauren Bird Horowitz

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


I actually got this book over a year ago and I feel so bad, that I'm so far behind on this. I suck. I'm sorry.


This is the second book in the The Light trilogy, so I won't be posting a summary, cause I don't want to spoil anything. I'm also going to try to keep my review pretty spoiler free. I'm trying.


The beginning of the book took me a little bit, I read the first book two years ago and didn't have the time to reread it, so that partly why and also the beginning was just super confusing and threw me for a loop there, but all gets explained, everything made sense and made me love the beginning of the book even more. Feel confused about how my mind work? Welcome to my world.


One thing before I get more into the story a bit, I love LOVE the author's writing. It's seriously so damn beautiful and poetic and I just love it. Speaking of poetic. The thing that I truly loved about the first book were the poems, so when we got the first poem in this book, I was so happy and just grateful, that we were getting poems in this book, too.


So now about the story. As spoiler free as I can.

The world building was amazing. To be in this world, that we only heard about in the first book, to actually go there and experience things. I loved it. It wasn't as magical and peaceful as I thought it would be, it actually was pretty brutal.


We also got to meet new characters. Hilo. HILO. I'm so so so so torn. This hurts my soul to write down. I loved her, I hated her, I LOVED her and then I just got confused and frustrated and just WHY???? We got a lot of Noa teaming up with Hilo, being on their mission together, working their way through challenge after challenge. ALL THE GIRL POWER. And then everything towards the end had to happen. I'm mad.

While I'm being mad, LET'S TALK ABOUT MARENA. Cause I'm livid when it comes to her. That little sneak found her way into my heart right away. There was no escaping her. Then I thought we lost her, BUT WE DIDN'T. Just so we could actually lose her. I'm mad. She was the greatest, seriously. I loved her scenes with Noa. I just loved everything about this girl. Man, she deserved better.


But let's talk about Noa. One of my favorite main characters.


I love her so much. She is seriously one of the strongest characters I have ever read. She cries, she's in pain. She wants to give up. BUT SHE KEEPS MOVING FORWARDS. And she doesn't take crap from anyone. I seriously love how she focuses on the important things, two brothers fighting over her, who loves her more, who did what bad thing and who did it for the better reason and she's just, Shut the eff up and help me save my sister. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!

The brothers. This book brought me firmly on Team Judah. But then things towards the end happened and things were being said and now I'm on Team Those faes better leave my girl alone. I still like Judah a lot more than Callum. I don't know. So many things were revealed in this book, that I don't know how to feel about just yet.


What I can tell you, is that I'm super super excited about the last book in this trilogy. Excited and super nervous. As soon as it comes out, I wanna read it. I'm not gonna wait a year after the release. I will and I can do it.

Ich lese gerade

Shopaholic by Maria Koschny, Sophie Kinsella
Bereits gelesen: 68%
If I Tell You by Alicia Tuckerman
Bereits gelesen: 14%
Das fünfte Zeichen by Jo Nesbø
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Die Bibliothek der besonderen Kinder: Roman (Die besonderen Kinder) by Ransom Riggs, Silvia Kinkel
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