My May 2019

Moxie. Zeit, zurückzuschlagen - Jennifer Mathieu, Alice Jakubeit  Elias & Laia - In den Fängen der Finsternis  - Sabaa Tahir Der Fluch des Titanen (Percy Jackson, #03) - Rick Riordan, Gabriele Haefs Wie Schnee so weiß - Marissa Meyer, Astrid Becker
Moxie. Zeit, zurückzuschlagen - 5 stars
Elias & Laia - In den Fängen der Finsternis - 5 stars
Der Fluch des Titanen - 4.5 stars
Wie Schnee so weiß - 5 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month:



Books started this month but haven't finished yet:

Still, Tote Asche, Percy Jackson - Die Schlacht um das Labyrinth, Gläsernes Schwert


Random ramblings:

May wasn't my month. I felt overwhelmed at every corner in every situation I was in. Still, I'm really glad with what I have read or well, mostly listened to this month. Quality over quantity. Or something like that LOL

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