The Night between Heaven and Hell!!!

The Night between Heaven and Hell (The Devil You Know Book 2) - Ioana Visan

It's been a year since I read the first short story in this series, so, because I couldn't sleep last night, I scrolled through my kindle app on my phone and decided to reread the first book and then finally read the second book.


Summary: Demon David Blake likes things just as they are: an easy job, centuries of drama-free living, and those who stationed him on Earth none the wiser. But his so-called perfect assignment is soon met with problems well above his paygrade.

Teaming up with an angel was never part of the plan, but when the threat of a plague unleashing becomes very real, David is more than willing to join forces with Andrew, if it will keep the impending apocalypse from becoming a reality and, more importantly, if it will allow him the opportunity to go back to doing what he does best: enjoying a comfortable life while steering the mortals wrong.


I just love this little series of short stories. It's super interesting and just something completely different. I also love the characters, even though we don't get that much time with them. The writing is really great and AH, I just love these stories.