True North!!!

True North - L.E. Sterling

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.



There isn't going to be a summary because this is the second book in a trilogy.


Raiting this book actually hurt my soul. Finishing this book was even more painful.

I didn't totally love the first book, but I actually still enjoyed it. I also saw lots of potential for the second book. Sadly, all the good things I wanted to happen to the book and the story, didn't happen at all.


I still love the story itself, the idea behind the world this story is set in. It's terrifying but I really love it. The pace just isn't really working for me, cause I still feel we have no answer to any of the questions. I still feel as clueless as I did in the first book. And the characters. They don't work for me. Lucy makes terrible choices and just, I really didn't care about her much this time around. Jared, is just. NO. His behavior and just no. NO. Margot, the only one I actually still care about, wasn't in the book until the very end (the only reason I kept going and didn't dnf the book, because I wanted to see her again and read the reunion between her and Margot. Cause let's be real the relationship between the sisters is my favorite thing about the books and the only thing I still care about).


The last quarter of the book actually picked up it's pace and got much more interesting. But yeah. I'm going to finish the trilogy cause I really hope that the third book will answer all the questions and I feel like I invested to much time reading the two first books, that I wanna finish the series.