We Should All Be Feminists!!!

We Should All Be Feminists -  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Lots of people talked about this book. I saw people who I trust with my life (and book choices) truly loving the book. So I bought it on amazon and had it on my kindle app for a while. Today I picked it up, and bought another book by the author right after I finished the book. Cause I'm hooked.


The topic of feminism is a important topic to me for a long time now but I actually never read anything about it. I'm going to change that now.


In this book I highlighted so many sentences and even whole passages because they were just so important and so freaking good. I devoured this book in half an hour and reread it again, right after.


Please, please, please, if you read books about feminism that were truly amazing, don't hesitate to recommend them to me.