The Lying Planet!!!

The Lying Planet - Carol Riggs

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


Once again this is one of the books I have on my kindle app for forever and I hate that I haven't read this earlier. Damn it.


Summary: Promise City. That’s the colony I’ve been aiming for all my life on the planet Liberty. The only thing standing in my way? The Machine. On my eighteenth birthday, this mysterious, octopus-like device will scan my brain and Test my deeds. Good thing I’ve been focusing on being Jay Lawton, hard worker and rule follower, my whole life. Freedom is just beyond my fingertips.

Or so I thought. Two weeks before my Testing with the Machine, I’ve stumbled upon a new reality. The truth. In a single sleepless night, everything I thought I knew about the adults in our colony changes. And the only one who’s totally on my side is the clever, beautiful rebel, Peyton. Together we have to convince the others to sabotage their Testings before it’s too late.

Before the ceremonies are over and the hunting begins.


I don't know what exactly I expected when I requested and much much later started reading the book, but it sure as hell wasn't what I actually got in the end. AND I LOVED IT.


I loved the writing, I loved the whole story and I LOVED the characters.


It was so easy to get into, I didn't have any problems understanding the world this was set in, nor did I ever feel overwhelmed by informations on how life on this planet worked.


The story itself was just plain crazy. The truth about the testing and the life of the adults in the colony was just disturbing. I mean with stories like this, there is always something wrong in the way the world was viewed until someone stumbles upon the truth and tries to make things right again. But still, I didn't expect things to be that insane.

I loved it, though.


I loved the characters. not just the main character. Even the kids that seemed kinda shady in the beginning, turned into characters that I really liked and really cared about. Peyton stole my heart. It is always like this, I don't know what it is about sidecharacters like her, that suck me in right from the beginning. But I truly loved her and I really loved her relationship with Jay. They just gave me all the feels. Also talking about feels, the family feels I got about Jay and his sisters where just too much. I loved their moments so much.


Overall I really recommend this book. It's really sci fi heavy but never to a point where you feel like you need a degree to understand what the heck is going on. And the whole book is just one hell of a crazy roller coaster ride.