Guardian of Secrets!!!

Guardian of Secrets  - Brenda Drake

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


I'm still not sure about the rating. I loved the first book, the second one frustrated me a lot and sometimes made me wanna skip chapters and parts of the story. But that was just about the relationship stuff. I don't know.


Let me start to talk about the things that I really enjoyed in the book.

The search for all the Chiavi and the places it took Gia and Nick. That's what I love about the story, that it isn't just based around libraries in the USA, but actually around the world and that we actually see them go these places. Loved it.

Also there is something about the fightin scenes in the books, that is just incredible. They are intense and so well described, love it.


Character- and relationshipwise. I loved how much the relationship between Gia and Deidre grew. In the beginning, Deidre kinda had to find herself for a bit and not just be a copy of Gia and then they could finally build their friendship and actually acted like sisters towards each other. LOVED IT. I was also happy to see characters like Nana and Afton show up once in a while. And Faith. FAITH!!!!! I just love Faith so much and I'm bitter, I'm very bitter about things that happend. BITTER. I also loved the friendship between Gia and Jaran, how he was there for her and took care of her when she was a total mess.


Now let's get to the spoilery part, normally I wouldn't mention them in reviews but I need to talk about it. Now. So I'm serious, don't read further if you don't wanna read spoilers. Don't.


Arik. Arik and Emily. I knew he was spelled somehow. Cause the Arik we got as soon as he got together with Emily, wasn't the Arik that I loved in the first book. So either the author decided to completely change his character or something fishy was going on with Emily. And I was so happy that Gia thought that as well and that she actually had Jaran looking for any marks or tattoos on Ariks body. BUT YOU IDIOTS DIDN'T LOOK HARD ENOUGH. When they figured out there wasn't a mark/tattoo and then Gia thought about Arik's hair being longer, I just screamed at her to look at his damn neck.

But no. No. This was just the opening for Gia and Bastien becoming a thing. And ugh, no. No, I'm not a fan. That were the parts I was so frustrated with that I wanted to skip them. Ooops, no offence to everyone liking them, I just don't.


The only good thing about Gia and Bastien falling into the thing whose name I can't remember right now, was that they found Gian (alive!!!) and Royston (THE ONE!!!).


I'm mad, that we actually lost Gian at the end of the book. I'm mad about Kale. And I'm super mad about Faith. Cause Faith was my baby. UGH!!!!!