Thief of Lies!!!

Thief of Lies  - Brenda Drake

Let me just start by saying, that this could easily turn into one of my favorite series. I mean, I sure hope that there will be lots of books revolving around the story and the characters.


I love the story. Gia, the main character just stumbling into the world of the Sentinels, who jump from library to library to keep the world save of mystical bad guys and hounds all these other creatures. I love the world, the jumping between all these libraries in different parts of the world. The mystical creatures. Everything. And boy, do I love the characters.


I LOVE Gia as a main character. She is awkward, she is clumsy but man, this girl can fight when she has to. I love Afton, her best friend. I love love love the Sentinels. Like, ALL OF THEM. And Gia's grandma and her dad Faith. I need so much more Faith.


I love the relationships. The friendship between Gia, Afton and Nick. I'm not sure of Nick as a main character just yet. I love the bond between all the Sentinels. I love the family feels I got with Gia and her grandma and her dad. And Gia with her newfound family. I seriously love everything. What I don't like is the betrothal storyline, mainly because I'm Team Gia, let the girl decide for herself who she wants. And I'm glad that for now she decided on Arik, cause right after being Team Gia, I'm Team Arik.


Overall, I really REALLY love everything. The writing is so good and just makes it a fun and easy book to read. I started the second book right away (thanks Netgalley/Entangled Teen) and can't wait to see what awaits the characters this time.