Forget Me Always!!!

Forget Me Always - Sara Wolf

First things first: I received this book through NetGalley.


There won't be a summary or me talking too much about what happens in this book, because it's the second book and I will keep things pretty general.


Man, this book started really promising. Isis was still 99,9% annoying and 0,1% really funny and sassy. But I just overlooked things, like I'm used to in these books, I wouldn't get through these books if I wouldn't ignore lots of things that are happening.


In the beginning I really enjoyed the moments that Isis and Sophia had. I was so happy about the friendship that these two were building. (Just like in the first book when I was more interested in the friendship between Isis and Kayla.). But Sophia was really hard to handle sometimes. To be honest the same can be said about Isis. So why would I even think that this would end up being something good.


I just don't like the charactes in the book. I know, I know. Mostly all of them have been through some bad things and are still fighting their demons. So I get the bitterness and what not. But, I just don't care enough about these characters and end up being more frustrated and annoyed instead of getting touchy feely when they have an actual nice moment.


I also couldn't care less about Jack and Isis as a couple. There is just something about these two that really irks me. Again, yes, they have their nice moment but ugh, no.


That ending had me shocked, though. Mostly because I thought it would happen sooner but it never did, so I didn't think the author was going to go there. But then she did. Just for that I will add a spoiler warning just in case, someone makes sense if my cryptic nonsense.


After reading all of this, you may think, why the heck is she still reading this stuff, even though she's so not into it. Well, well, children, when I start a series, I have a really hard time not finishing it. So, as soon as I see the third book around, I will grab that one, too. Cause even though, I may hate myself for it, I will finish what I started. Man, if I would apply that logic to things in my life, I would have 99 less problems in my life.


Note to myself: I need to check out other books by the author, cause I really like her writing, it's just the story that doesn't work for me.