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Singing 'Let It Go' (yess the song is still relevant to me) while going through the books I'm currently reading and dnf'ing some of them.


I always had the hardest time doing that, cause when it comes to books and tv shows for that matter, I actually just suffer through them when I don't enjoy them in the hopes of them getting better or me getting really into the story. But you know what, I don't have time for that. I wanna spend my time enjoying things. Life is full of things that we have to suffer through and that we don't enjoy, so stop making life more difficult for yourself. (That just got way deeper than I intended it to be)


Bottom line of all this.When in comes to books, it doesn't mean that it is a terrible book, it just means that right now is just not the right time. Sometimes you have to read a book at a specific time in your life to really enjoy it. So let it go.


The cold never bothered me anyway.