Keeping Her Secret!!!

Keeping Her Secret - Sarah Davison Lady Nicolas

I requested an ARC for this, but didn't get it, so I just went ahead and preordered it.

I'm so happy I did, cause I seriously love this book so much.


There is nothing in this whole book that I didn't like. Nothing.

I love the setting, the summer camp.

I love the characters. Riya and Courtney, the two main characters, they were so different from each other. It took me a bit to warm up to Courtney, just because it takes a while to really get to know her. There were also so many great side characters, that I totally loved.


I loved Riya's love for volleyball and Courtney's love for ballet. And their love for each other. There was so much history between these two, so much unresolved stuff, so many stuff that got between them but they made it work, and I'm so glad they did, cause they are just the cutest.


I loved their story. The childhood besties, a kiss changes everything and they completely lose contact with each other and then they meet again at camp. Things are awkward and frustrating, but they get so much better.

I also loved the writing, it was really good and easy to get into.


I loved the frustrating parts. And at the same time, I really hated it, cause it shouldn't be that hard for two people with the same gender to be in love and actually show it. They shouldn't have to worry about people accepting it. Maybe that's just me, cause I just don't see a problem with it, that I can't understand people who have problems with it. Why?


If you are looking for something fun, easy and super cute to read, I HIGHLY recommend this book.