Harables  - Haidji

First things first: I received this book through a giveaway on booklikes.


I took this book with me to the clinic every day for the last week and read a few pages whenever I could. It was the perfect book for that.


Like always, the writing was just amazing. I just love how Haidji writes her stories. It's more like poetry than 'simple' storytelling. This is a collection of short stories and even though I had my absolute favorites, all the stories touched me in some way.


My favorite ones have been, Maria's Hand, The Lost Little Star, SRUGAR, The Invisible Girl - A Christmas Tale, and New Year's Resolution. I marked them, cause I want to re read them from time to time (even tho, I'm pretty sure, I will just reread the whole book).


If you never read a book by Haidji I HIGHLY recommend her books.