Resisting the Rebel!!!

Resisting the Rebel - Lisa Brown Roberts

First things first: I received an ARC of this book from Entangled through NetGalley.

The book comes out july 25th. Check it out if you want something cute and fun.


I loved everything about this book. Except for Gus but every person should hate people like Gus!!!!


The characters were amazing. Mandy. OH MANDY!!! I don't think I have ever read a character like her. She was so full of live and just such a positive person. I want one like her around me all time. She got really frustrating sometimes, especially when she was all hellbend to stick with her plan and get together with Gus. But I still loved her. I also really loved Caleb. The other character from whose point we got to read the story from.


The sidecharacters were amazing too. I looved Mandy's friends J.T. and Cammie. I wasn't that sure about Cammie in the beginning but she really REALLY grew on me. And they were amazing friends to Mandy. And Caleb. I'm glad he got used to having them around. Also we need to talk about how amazing Mandy's grandma is. The first meeting between her and Caleb, I actually laughed out loud so many times. She was just awesome.


I'm such a sucker for fake relationships that turn into beautiful friendships and then turn into a real relationship. There is just something so cute and beautiful about this.

So I really loved how the relationship between Mandy and Caleb was developed. It didn't feel rushed, it just felt real. Also can I just say how much I loved him calling her Disco?!


I just really loved the book and I feel like Lisa Brown Roberts writes them so well, that you just fly through these books and enjoy every page. She's turning into one of my favorite authors when it comes to reading something that will give me all the feels.