Ines's Words!!!

Ines' Words - Haidji

First things first: I won this book in a giveaway on booklikes.


Currently I'm in a bit of a reading slump. Or was? I don't wanna jinx it.


So when I got this in the mail yesterday I knew I would start it right away, cause it is a really short book and because I just love the stories that Haidji writes. And it worked.


Here is what the story is about:

The love story between Ines de Castro and King D Pedro I is one of the most tragic, intense and powerful in European history. Their story has become a legend and it is difficult to separate fact from fiction, where the only certainty that remains is the element of forbidden, but everlasting, love. With her latest work, Ines' Words, Haidji brings her unique and magical style to this subject and shows not only the enduring power of the legend, but of love itself.


Once again the writing in this little story was so beautiful and poetic and I'm just in awe. I reread it this morning, just to experience it again. There are so many quotes in their that I really loved.