Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness!!!

Murder Madness Such Sweet Sadness - Dawn Rae Miller, Jamie Blair

First things first: I received this book through yaboundbooktours.

The book is already out and if you like books like Pretty Little Liars, this is worth checking out.


Let's be completely honest I wasn't a big fan of the first book and back when I read it, I wasn't entirely sure if I would pick up the second one. Part of me kinda forgot about the book and the story until I saw it on yaboundbooktours and thought I would try to get a review copy cause you never know. Maybe I would like the second book much better.


And I kinda did. The second book reminded me much more of Pretty Little Liars than the first one.These books just have less likeable characters.


Livie is just too much for me. I just can't find one likeable thing about her. Also the whole thing with her and Haddie's father. Don't get me started. Haddie, I feel bad how the other girls and her father treat her. But she still irks me a lot. Like in the first book, when it comes to characters I like and characters that I feel like are starting to actually grow through all this, I really like Val and Reggie. I feel like they both know they can't go on like this and actually try to change things. That doesn't mean that they have all amazing moments, they sometimes get on my nerves too. But these two are the closest I have to favorite characters in these books.


Storywise. We got a few more details about the night Jackson died. We got another dead body. And we got The Fifth.


Like I said, I'm still not sure about the whole story but I'm invested enough in Val and Reggie to actually continue reading. Mainly because the writing is really great to and it's just a pretty quick read (except I'm currently reading too many books at once and took forever to finish this one).