Winging it!!!

Winging It - Cate Cameron

First things first: I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley.

The book is already out, so you can go and check it out.


This is the second book I read in this series. I still have to read the first one. I have it on my tablet and will read it as soon as I have caught up with my ARCs. This is something that I love about the series. You can read the books alone without having to read the other books.


Let's talk about Winging it!!!

This time the story focuses on Toby Cooper and Natalie West. They are friends since childhood but then they grew apart cause Toby got way more opportunities for his hockey career, while nothing really happened for her, cause women's hockey isn't that big of a deal in town. Toby's Scott cousin is coming back in town and Natalie has a crush on him. Scott has habit of going after Toby's girlfriends. So Natalie talks Toby into being in a fake relationship with her, so she will show up on Scott's radar.


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE storys with fake relationships that turn into real relationships. So yes, it maybe was a bit predictable but sometimes it's great to know that there isn't a twist that will throw you off. Scott was such an annoying and unlikeable character for me, that I just couldn't imagine Natalie actually getting together with him.


Natalie and Toby. As individual characters where super frustrating from time to time. But I really loved them and together they were super adorable. I'm super happy that the fake relationship first brought them back together as friends. Him helping her out with hockey, giving her the kick in the butt that she needed and then making an amazing opportunity happening for her.


I also loved seeing characters from the first two books show up. Like Tyler and Chris, who are Toby's team mates. Also Dawn. I loved her so much in this book. She is Toby's ex girlfriend but their friendship in this book and how she helped him realize that he was actually in love with Natalie. Aaaaaah. YESS. Wonderful.


So overall it was wonderfully written and such a fun and easy read. And if you want something cute to read, you have to check out these Corrigan Falls Raiders books by Cate Cameron.