Where Silence Gathers!!!

Where Silence Gathers - Kelsey Sutton

I just love these books. Seriously. if you haven't read it yet. You should.

There's also Some Quiet Place which is the first book. Both of them can be read without needed to read the other. They are both in the same world, but in different places with different characters.


I loved the first one a bit more but this book is still a strong 4.5 star read for me.


The book is about Alexandra Tate, who can see emotions, in human form. Her best friend is Revenge. She lost her family in a car accident and now that the other driver is out of prison, she wants revenge. But then one day, Forgiveness shows up and she has to make a choice.


It took me a bit to get into, I'm not gonna lie but as soon as I was in, it was the most amazing ride ever.


Kelsey Sutton has a way with words. I loved her writing in the first book, and I love it in this one. There are so many quotes that I highlighted because in one way or the other they spoke to me. The characters are written so great, with so many layers. Not just Alex, but all the side characters. I loved Briana's (she's one of Alex's friends) storyline. So sad and beautiful.


Loved the relationships in the book. Alex and her uncle and aunt. Her friendship with the boy who lives next door, who's parents are always fighting. Her friendship with Georgie and Briana, that they got frustrated with her but never gave up on her.


And then we have the mystery of it all. The voice she keeps hearing. The memories she has of her father. All the questions that come up. I LOVED IT