Playing Defense!!!

Playing Defense - Cate Cameron

First things first: I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley.

The book comes out March 14th. And you should really check it out, if you want something fun and easy to read. Even if you haven't read the first book, it's totally fine. It's the same setting, just different characters.


I was super close to giving this a 5 star rating. But I didn't really feel the ending of the book. I don't even know what it was but it fell a bit rushed to me.


But apart from that, the book was really great.


The story is about Claudia and Chris. She's really school oriented. She has all her goals set for her life. She is pretty comfortable when it comes to math but not so much when it comes to people. Chris is more focused on hockey and playing pranks than doing stuff for school. They go to the same school but their paths only cross when she is starting to tutor him. She needs it for her college application, he needs it to stay in the hockey team. And the fun starts.


I'm a sucker for tutor storylines in books. I think that stems from my deep love of Nathan/Haley on One Tree Hill. But let's not get off track here.


I loved both characters. Claudia and Chris. I also loved the side characters, Tyler and Karen (I really need to read the first book, cause I'm really interested in their story and I just really loved Karen in this book). Annalise. I loved her in the beginning. Cause she was me. Nose in a book, shutting out the real world. I just didn't like how things went as soon as Claudia made friends with Karen and the sisterhood started. Claudia went out of her comfort zone and Annalise turned into Claudia's mother. I loved Oliver a lot, though. Also the english teacher (I'm still mad though and I will always be)


When it comes to relationships in the book, I really loved the friendships the most. Claudia and Oliver. And later Oliver and Chris. I LOVED the friendship between Claudia and Karen. Or Tyler and Chris. Or just the whole sisterhood (cause I loved the idea behind it).


I also really loved the transition between Claudia and Chris. The 'we go to the same school but we're pretty much strangers' who turned into 'you are actually a great person, let's be friends' and finally turned into 'let's explore all the feelings we have for each other'. What I loved was that these two actually talked to each other. Their was no drama about these two missunderstanding each other. They talked things out. Yes, after some things happened towards the end, things got a bit frustrating. But they were still super cute.


The story overall got major brownie points for not using typical highschool drama stuff. There wasn't a bad boy that needed to see the light and change his ways. There wasn't a mean girl that was bitchy to everyone for no apparent reason. There was no love triangle. I mean we had the disapproving parents (or well mother) but I was okay with that, even though I had to tune her out most of the times to not get super frustrated.


Like I said, the ending felt a bit rushed.

I need to know things. How did Claudia do in the math contest? Did she do good? Did she and Annalise work things out?! Those are things I need to know before a book like this ends!!!!