Der Gefangene von Askaban // The Prisoner of Azkaban!!!

Harry Potter und der Gefangene von Askaban  - J.K. Rowling, Klaus Fritz

So far I think this is my favorite book, i just love the whole story and how things were revealed. I mean, I loved the first two books too but THIS IS THE ONE. So far. I still have the others to reread or well read, since I have never actually read the last three books. Ooops.


The book gave us a lot more backstory about Harry's parents and James Potter's time in Hogwarts. And I loved that we didn't actually have to deal with Voldemort in this book. I needed a break from that. I mean he is still always present in one way or another but still.


I also just really loved Hermione's part of the story. With her taking on way too much work and the question how she actually does all of it. Even though she could get it all done, she really got to the point where everything was too much. Also the grief she got from Ron and Harry. Leave my girl alone. Hermione is just my favorite person in these books. Big shocker there.