The Secret to Letting Go!!!

The Secret to Letting Go - Katherine Fleet

First things first: I received this ARC through NetGalley.

The book comes out on February 1st and you should definitely check it out!!!


The year has only just now begun but I feel like this is a top candidat for my favorite book of the year.


The book is about Daniel, who can't wait to get out of town, and Clover, who showed up in town out of nowhere, looking for someone. They both have secrets and they both had something bad happen to them in their past. Both have huge walls build around them. I love these two characters, there were so many layers to them.


I loved the journey they made in the book, how they both changed each other in a really natural way without the whole 'they make each other better because they are in LOVE'.


When talking about characters, I just loved the side characters. There were so many of them but they all had their own place in the story. Amelia, who is Daniel's sister and quickly becomes a best friend to Clover. Sam, Daniel's friend, who has a thing for Amelia. Daniel's grandmother, who is just so lovely in her own kind of way. Sam's father. Mr. Alexander. There is even homeless Pete, who was just mentioned twice, I think, but who I kind of feel attached too?!


The relationships were wonderful. Especially the family ones. They are just the most important to me.


The story was wonderfully written (even the sad moments where just so beautiful!!!). The story is told from Daniel's and Clover's POV. It doesn't switch every chapter, something that I really enjoyed. The switch was made clear on top of the page but other than that, I feel even without that I could tell after a while who was who.


i think the pace was really good. Daniel talked about his secret, the thing that happened in his life that changed him, a bit earlier than Clover. Which I thought was the right thing to happen. When we finally found out what happened to Clover, I loved how that was written. The flashbacks were really well written and something that I always look for, that they were cleary marked/visible as flashbacks. Amazing twists that happened around the time that Clover's secret got out. I really needed a breather after that, cause it felt just so intense.


I won't go into details, cause I seriously had no idea what the heck I was getting into, at the same time I expected a lot from it. I just had a feeling. And I didn't get disappointed at all. The book was everything I wanted, and so much more.