Girl Online On Tour!!!

Girl Online On Tour - Zoe Sugg

I stay away from reading comments about this book (cause just like the first one, cause this is probably getting as much hate, mostly because a youtuber has written the book. But I'm not getting into this. I, for one, am really a fan of Zoe's and I think she is doing a wonderful job with the books.)


Like I said in the review for the first book. The characters aren't the most original. The story isn't either. But still, I really enjoy these books and the journey that the characters are on.


Penny is me. I am Penny.
I mean, I don't have a boyfriend that's a rockstar. And I don't have a friend like Elliot in my life, even though I really WANT ONE. Where do you find those? Those friends that travel to Paris for you, to pick you up, spend a day with you in Paris and then bring you home, after you had a bad break up. DANG!!!! Where do I sign up?! (Not that I would be in Paris in the first place. But you get what I'm saying?!)

I love Penny's growth in the story. The way she is handling her anxiety and panic attacks. These are the moments when I myself in Penny and I just hope that one day I can handle things the way she does. Cause right now that's not happening.


I really love the friendship between her and Elliot. How they are always there for each other, even though in this book they were miles away from each other most of the time. Once again they both had lots going on in there lifes and once again they proved why they are so good friends to each other. Also on the friendship front, I love that Penny and Megan kinda rekindled. That things are getting better between them. And I absolutely LOVED the friendship between Penny and Leah. If there is gonna be another book, I really hope that these friendships are going to continue. I just always find the friendships so much more important than the storylines with the love interest.


But on the relationship front. Uh oh.

I'm at this point now, where I would actually prefer Penny and Noah as friends. But if they can make it work, i have nothing against it. But right now, I'm leaning more towards loving them as friends. I get that the tour life was new for him  and that he didn't know if he was gonna have enough time for Penny or not. And I also totally get that there was manipulation involved to keep him even more busy than he would have been otherwise. I just have a problem with the fact that he didn't believe Penny in the first place when it came to the whole Penny/Blake situation. That he only believed her when Blake told the truth. That's just a thing that always rubs me the wrong way.


But I loved the fact that Alexiot (Elliot and Alex) worked things out. That Alex came out to his close ones and that they can really give their relationship a second chance. I'm really rooting for them. They are just so super cute.