Firefly: (A Dystopian Story of Christmas) - Jen Minkman

I got this book for free when I signed up for Jen Minkman's mailing list.


As short as it was that story is a five star book for me.


The writing was amazing. In those few pages I already felt really connected to Zlata, the main character in this story. I loved her relationship with her grandfather.


The world building in this, was also really great without just dumping the information on me, how the world works in Ebrus. A world where there are no books and music aloud (a world that I couldn't survive in, cause reading books and listening to music is as important to me as breathing air.) But of course there are a few rebels (so I could probably live in this world. I'd just be breaking the law every day.)


I love how this story wasn't just about christmas but about every holiday that gets celebrated around this time by all the religions. Major points for that.


I have a few more books of Jen Minkman on my kindle app and after reading this, I'm even more excited.