A Curse of Ash and Iron!!!

A Curse of Ash and Iron - Christine Norris

First things first: I received a review copy for this book over at YA Bound Book Tours.

The book is out for a while now and you should totally check it out.


This is a Cinderella retelling with a few Steampunk elements.


Even though Cinderella isn't exactly one of my favorite fairytales, I still loved the story in the book very much. I loved the magic in the book. I loved the Steampunk elements. And just all the little details that the author put in this story.


The characters. Ellie is such a wonderful character. I love her relationship with Rebecca, her stepsister, who is not evil at all and I'm so very grateful for that. Cause it's just a wonderful element in this story. I also loved her relationship with Ben, the childhood friends who haven't seen each other in such a long time but still have that great bond years later when they meet again. Ben is such a great character with such a great mind. His little brother Harry, was such a great character too. Olivia. Ugh. I mean, she is like the typical stepmother. I hate her with a passion. It's crazy to what lengths she went to reach her goals.


I had to take half a star away because I am not as happy with the ending as I wanted to be. I didn't hate it. Cause about halfway through the story, it's the ending that I suspected. But still. I was a bit disappointed.

It's still an amazing story and I seriously recommend it to everyone.