Heir to the Crown!!!

Heir to the Crown - Ember Shane

First of, thanks so much Ember Shane for sending this book my way!!!


What a ride this book was. It's the third book and it's still exciting and fun and just great.

But also really sad. Will I ever forgive what happened to Phoenix?! We will never know.


But first things first. We finally find out what Jenny is. And I absolutely love it. I never heard of something like what she is. So it's totally new for me and that's amazing. I can't wait to read more of her story cause I'm very intrigued. Apart from what she is, I really like her as a character and her interactions with Doyle and Chuck.


Kai and Chuck. I mean, things with them always were like a rollercoaster ride. It wasn't different in this book, which I love, cause it's just so them. It was a bit more painful this time around but I really REALLY love how things are for them at the end of the book.


Addy's secret. In the beginning i thought 'Oh yeah. It's totally THAT!'. Then later i was totally lost and thought that it wouldn't be THAT. But I was right all along. It was totally THAT!!! (does that even make sense? But I don't want to spoil it. I'm a mess lol)


Storywise, I really loved how things developed. There wasn't any moment in the book were I was bored. Maybe annoyed by some choices the characters made but never bored. The writing was amazing once again. I just love the sense of humor in these books, totally my cup of tea.


i recommend these books to everyone. Just read it gosh darn it!!!