A Reunion of Ghosts!!!

A Reunion Of Ghosts - Judith Claire Mitchell

First things first: I received this through NetGalley.


This is my book of the year. This is the book that is not just my favorite now but I have a feeling will be a favorite book forever, one that I will pick up many more time, always with different feelings, always with different favorite parts. It's just one of those books.


"...the shared confessional of three sisters preparing to kill themselves,
honouring the dark legacy that has haunted their family." - that was the part of the description that made me interested in the book in the first place. Cause I just knew it would be one of those really dark stories. How could it not be. But it's just so much more. It's dark and frustrating and sad. But it's also beautiful and funny and wonderful. Bittersweet.

I love the three main girls. Delph, Vee and Lady. The three sisters. There were always some little things about the three where I found myself thinking "Oh this is so me!". I just love them so much. I wish they all could have a better life, a different and happier ending.


I'm truly in love with the author's writing. It was so beautiful and did the story great justice. You know, there are those books with that beautiful idea behind it but the writing doesn't deliver. This is so not the case right here. Everything was perfect (and I don't throw the word around lightly). What I really liked was how the backstory/the flashbacks to earlier generations of the family were incorporated. It flowed really well with the story and just worked so well. (Also on a side note: The german in the book was really good.)


I'm just really in awe with this book and really recommend it to everyone.