Nirvana - J.R. Stewart

First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.

The book comes out in november 10th, if any of you are interested to check it out.

There is sexual abuse content in the book, so if that's something that triggers you or that just is something you like to avoid for other reasons, it's probably best not to read the book, since it is mentioned quite a bit.


When I got this book, I went to check if it already had reviews on goodreads and what I saw there let my excitement sink to the bottom of the ocean. The book has a 2.79 raiting over there. So it took me a bit to pick up the book until I thought, oh what the hell, it doesn't even have 200 pages, this will be a quick read and I won't waste that much time. And here we are now, with me giving the book a four star raiting, cause I nearly loved everything about it.


I love the whole idea of the story. Bees are gone from the earth and you wouldn't believe how many things are depended on these little black/yellow things that you always try to swat away when they come too far in your personal space. Of course there is a huge company that takes advantage of all of this and controls pretty much everything. There is also this system called Nirvana, where you literally can escape reality for awhile and can go wherever and do whatever you like.


The main character, Larissa. She is grieving, she is sad, she is under a lot of pressure and feels alone. She is also really confused about what happened to her husband and she also strongly believes that her husband is still alive and she's not leaving any stone unturned. Which makes her a really great and strong character, for me. Character wise I also really liked Corporal. Serge, don't get me started on this dude, his whole 'I'm just doing what's best for you' bullshit, while he actually just wanted her to move on from her husband and on to him. Just no.


The only thing that I didn't like about the book, was the fact that there was no clear indication when a flashback moment began and ended. In the middle of a moment that was happening in the present, someone thought back to a moment that happened awhile back and it went on for awhile before we came back to the present. That was confusing from time to time, some times it worked, other times the flashback was just too long and I didn't remember what happend before the flashback started.


But yes, overall I really enjoyed the book and I'm gonna pick up the next one, for sure.