The Winter People!!!

The Winter People - Rebekah L. Purdy

I started reading this book because I got the 2nd book as a review copy from NetGalley.

And to be completely honest the first half of the book nearly made me quit. There was just too much romance stuff going on with three love interests at once and it was just too much. Also the lack of answers. It was driving me insane. Everything was developing so slow.


But the second half of the book got much better. The pace picked up and we finally got answers about the curse that was going on, why no one could actually talk to Salome about it and why the three dudes were suddenly so interested in her.


I actually really liked Salome. Did she make some questionable choices, heck yes. But even those choices made sense later. Kadie was a bit too much for me sometimes, but she was still a really good friend. When it came to the dudes I only cared about Gareth, so I'm actually glad how things went and ended in this book.


I have to say I'm quite excited to see how the next book will be. I hope that it isn't as slow paced as this one, that it picks up really quick. I wonder where the story will go. So I'm gonna stop writing now and will probably start reading it, now. Bye. LOL