Sleepy Hollow!!!

Sleepy Hollow - Dax Varley

What a ride!!!
First off, I never read or watched anything that has anything to do with Sleepy Hollow. Of course, it's something that you hear about but I never had many details, so the story was totally new to me and I can't compare it to other tellings about the legend.



I loved Katrina, what an amazing character she is. How strong and fierce and how she is not letting anyone tell her what to think or what to do. I really love her.Also Ichabod. What a dreamy man.


There were a few slow parts in the story, that's why I didn't give the book 5 whole stars.
But I still loved and enjoyed it a lot. The characters are great, some you love and some you just totally hate. The story is really great and interesting, the world in the book is greatly descripted. The twist at the end was something I didn't see coming at all...


I'm gonna pick up Return to Sleepy Hollow (which I won as an ebook here on booklikes) right away, cause I just really want more of the characters.