Wilde Women!!!

Wilde Women - Louise Pentland

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Summary: You never know what surprises life has in store . . .

Robin Wilde is crazy busy with her exciting job and her lovely new man. She's parenting with flair, and she's feeling better after the heartbreak of last year. But with so little time to herself, and best friend Lacey's increasing struggle with post-natal depression, the cracks are beginning to show. Cue a team trip to New York. It might just be the tonic Robin, Lacey, Auntie Kath, Edward and even Piper need.

But when a huge family secret is exposed, Robin's life looks even closer to falling apart.



My review: ALL THE DAMN FEELS!!!


This is going to be as spoilerfree as possible. This isn't just the third book in this series, this is also the last one. SO.


But man, when I say I had all the damn feels. I seriously mean all of them. Happiness, Anger, Giddiness, Frustration, terrible pain in every part of my heart, tears of joy, and utter shock. WHAT A DAMN RIDE!!!


This is seriously one of my favorite series, cause it feels real. The characters, WE GOT SO MANY INCREDIBLE WOMEN, no one is the same, they are all different, different stages of their life, different mind sets, BUT DAMN THIS PACK OF LADIES THAT HAS EACH OTHERS BACK LIKE NO OTHER. I LOVE THEM. I TRULY LOVE THEM.


The writting got better and better with every book. Right from book one, from the first sentence to the last book and it's last sentence, I had Louise's voice in my head telling me this story, you just can tell she put so much heart and soul into this.


AAAAAH. I need more Robin Wilde in my life, especially WITH THAT ENDING!!!!


I truly hope that Louise will write more fiction in the future. It doesn't even have to be about these characters, it can be something totally new. But I just love the way she tells her stories, and I NEED MORE!!!!

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