Ruin and Rising!!!

Ruin and Rising - Leigh Bardugo


I don't know how to write a review for it (I keep putting it off and doing everything else instead of writing my thoughts down.)


I'm just gonna start at the beginning and work my way to end of the story, the part I don't know how to feel about yet. No summary, cause spoilers. Also, this is the third and final book in the trilogy so, spoiler warning, maybe?! Probably. Yes!!! Also this review could possibly be all over the place, cause I can't seem to concentrate enough today, but I wanna get the review out, cause I finished this trilogy (my misson for this year is to finally finish all the series that I have started. Well, not all of them. Some of them.)


First, I had problems getting into the story cause it was the first book in the trilogy that I read in english and I felt like I had to get used to the writing all over again. But once I got into it, I enjoyed the writing much more than the previous books in german. I still need to wrap my head around this one, still. It feels weird.


I just love Alina and it was great being back in her world again. I just love her journey, from book one to this book. She grew so much and I just love her more and more.

It was also great seeing Genya again and she had such a bigger part this time around, no matter what she has done, I LOVE HER. She's my everything in this trilogy, not gonna lie. When she and the King came face to face in this book, I WAS LIVING FOR EVERY WORD SHE SLAMMED HIS WAY. (Also, I love her relationship with David, these two are just the cutest)

And Baghra. BAGHRA. I have too many feels about her, she's so bitter and sarcastic and everything I want to be in life. Kidding. Kinda.

Also living for the Tamar and Nadia relationship. Everything about this two, apart from each other and together. LOVE THEM.

And Zoya, she's the worst, but I truly TRULY loved her in this book.


So after all the love for all these women above.

Last but not least, I have to finally mention Nikolai. Swoon. I love him. I LOVE HIM, SO SO SO MUCH. (I really care for the other two dudes, Mal and the Darkling, at least the Darkling was a bit more interesting but Mal, NO!!!) Nikolai. When THE THING happened, I actually threw the book away from me, cause I was just too overwhelmed with everything that was happening. Especially so close after THE THING that happened with Baghra. At least he came out of this thing, scared but okay and charming as ever.


In the middle of all the things that were happening, there were also LOTS of twists and turns. None of which I saw coming, cause I'm mostly blind when it comes to things like this.


The end. THE END.
I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm really not sure. I didn't expect it to end like this. I didn't want it to end like it did. It made sense and I'm not saying it's bad, it just wasn't going in the direction I wanted it to go.