Girl Online Going Solo!!!

Girl Online Going Solo - Zoe Sugg

I love these books. I would say they are my guilty pleasure but screw it, I don't feel guilty about it.


I'm so glad she wrote a third book, not because I care about if Noah and Penny were getting back together or not. I wanted to read more from Penny, I wanted to see how she would evolve and what would happen on her journey. I love Penny as a character so much, she is just so freaking relatable. And even though there is a huge age difference between me and her, I actually feel like I grew with her in each book. Just like her I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks and in the first two books, reading about her struggles and how she dealt with them, I couldn't imagine ever getting as far as she has gotten. Now, reading the third book and seeing how she is not over them (of course) but how she handles it, and looking at myself and seeing how far I have actually come this year, it feels amazing.


So yes, the characters aren't anything new, the story isn't anything new and earth-shattering. But it's real and at least for me, it's something important and helpful. So having that rant out of the way, lets talk about the actual book and the story in this one. It's the third book, so there's probably some spoilers, so beware (danger! danger!)


New characters!!!!

Posey. I love love love her. She's just such a special snowflake. And I love that she met Penny and that Penny helped her out. Now for one second did I think she would turn out to be the bad guy. Not when Megan is in the mix. Can I just say that I hate her with a burning passion. Screw the apology at the end, she sucks. I think in the second book she kinda grew on my, but no, screw that. I really liked Callum in the beginning but as soon as the first date happened, he was giving me a weird vibe and nope, didn't need that guy.


I still don't care for Penny and Noah. No disrespect to everyone who loves them, they just aren't for me. But he makes Penny happy and I'm all for that, so I will deal with that.

On the friendship front, tho. Penny and Elliot. Oh, they went through quite a bit in that book, especially due to Elliot's problems at home. I felt so bad for him and he really scared me towards the end. Glad that things worked out for him, kinda. But it will be better in the end. (Also, I'm so very happy that Elliot and Alex are still going strong. These two are just so damn cute).


I don't think that a 4th book is necessary. I would love one about Elliot, to be completely honest. If she decides to write another book in this series, I would still buy it, cause PENNY!!!!! But I would also love to read something completely different from her.