Currently not getting much reading done. Last wednesday I started a semi-residential therapy clinic that is supposed to help me with my anxiety and panic attacks (and hopefully not will end up being a total waste of time). I'm there from the morning til the afternoon (7:30am to 3pm), then I'm going home (I'm home by 4:15pm since the bus drives through every little one horse town. Can't complain since I live in one myself).

Thing is, so far, I'm pretty exhausted when I get home and am only able to do some mindless facebook gaming and youtube watching. There isn't much time for reading. While I'm there I actually have some time to read, but don't have the mind for it, not to mention all the people around that keep distracting me. I hope the longer I'm there, the more I get used to things and can start reading again, cause I miss it A LOT.
(Also the freaking heat is killing me and I just feel super blah all the time)


So my page on here will probably be a bit quiter for a while. I'm still going to check on all of your posts on here, though.