The Boy Inside Me!!!

The Boy Inside Me - Raphael Perez Jr

First things first: I received this through the author.


Book summary: Tomest is an awkward and troubled teenage boy. Without his mother's love or his father's support, his grandfather has raised him. But when the old man dies, Tomest is left to navigate the difficult high school years alone. His classmates bully him, and his teachers write him off as hopeless. Until he meets Mrs. Farrah, a teacher who is touched by Tomast's dramatic life and takes an interest in him. With her guidance, Tomast begins to gain the confidence to stand up for himself and find his purpose. His road is not without it's obstacles, though, and Tomast is pushed to find the ultimate inner strength.

A story of growth, finding purpose, and learning to love - no matter the consequences.


Let me begin this review with telling you that there are a lot of things going on that can be trigger warning for some people. Bullying. Absent parents. Rape. And suicide attempts.


There are a lot of big issues in this book, the once that I just mentioned and also a relationship between a student and a teacher. I was really hoping the author wouldn't go there, sadly he did and the moments between Tomest and Diana made me really uncomfortable. I felt like, all these issues and situations, were a bit rushed. I think when you put things like that in a book, you have to take your time with them and explain them and just be delicate with them. Sadly, I felt like that wasn't done in this book.


I also thought that the book was a stand alone, but the book ended so sudden, in the middle of a huge situation, that there is probably another book coming?!


Overall for me, it was just an okay read.