Divined (The Last Oracle Book 3) - Emily Wibberley

Thanks so much to Emily for sending this my way and letting me read it.
The book came out yesterday and I can't urge you enough to check out this book series. All three books are out now and they are amazing. Especially if you are new to ya fantasy, this series is an amazing start.


It's not humanly possible to actually explain how much I love these books, the characters, the story and the writing. It's not possible.


I won't go into much detail about this book, cause it's the third and last book in the series and I don't wont to give anything away.


It's been a while since I have read the second book in the series but it didn't take me long to get back into the story and back into the world of Oracles and Deitys. The writing was amazing as always. Especially the fighting scenes, I love how Emily writes them and makes me visualize exactly what's going on.


We see many side characters from the first two books again. I just love Ashira and Ixie. I loved having Tirza being in this book again. And Zarae, she is one of those characters that I should hate. Ahhh, she makes so many questionable things but I just love her. I can't help myself. Derick, for me he is always just there. I don't love him, I don't hate him. He's just there.


And we got a few new characters that I absolutely loved. Ealis, I loved him the moment he showed up (and was hoping very much that he wouldn't betray my trust). There was just something about him that I really liked and he grew on me more and more throughout the book. Also Atzi, I was ready to hate her the moment she appeared cause I didn't trust her at all. And I was so worried she would come between Ixie and Clio/Ashira. But then she actually helped Clio and she just really grew on me to the point were I was very nervous that something could happen to her.


Storywise, I won't say anything about this. I loved it. It was actionpacked and amazing. So many things very happening. It didn't feel rushed but there was also never a dull moment. So for me it was perfect.


The ending. I won't spoil it. BUT I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!!!! Especially the end end. You know. The very end. The last few pages. THAT END, was especially beautiful to me.


I can't wait to reread the whole series again, that's how much I love everything about this series.