Sidelined - Kendra C. Highley

First things first: I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley.

The book is already out, so you can go and check it out. (Warning for drug abuse)


This is my second book by Kendra C. Highley. Finding Perfect was one of my favorite books last year.


BUT WOW. This book, though. That wasn't what I expected, it was so much better and just overall all kinds of awesome.


Let me start with the characters, cause I love these characters to pieces.


Genna. Genna is the main girl. She's a basketball star in her highschool with a bright future ahead of her in the sport she loves. And she's starting to date the guy she has a crush on for a long time. And then during a game an accident happens that changes her life completely. We follow her journey through all this, her struggles through the recovery after the accident and especially the journey to finding herself and figuring out who she is and what she wants in her life, now that playing basketball isn't in her cards anymore.


We also have Jake, Genna's long time crush and now current boyfriend. Who tries his best to stick around while Genna is changing. I'm glad that in the story he wasn't Genna's savior, who's pure existens just healed her and made her better and saved the day.


And then we have Rowan, who is my absolut favorite side character in the book. Her friendship with Genna is just one of the most important things for me. She had her own problems but still always stuck with Genna. It's beautiful and just so important.


That brings me to the relationships in this book. Apart from that friendship. I really loved Genna's relationship with her father and how he helped her and just everything about it. I also loved the blooming friendship towards the end between Genna and Ethan. And also that Genna's relationship with her mother seemed to be getting better.


Like I said before. That book wasn't what I expected. I didn't see the painkiller storyline coming and that was something that made the book so outstanding for me. The author did an amazing job writing it. I loved Genna's journey through all of this. Thinking it isn't a problem, to hitting rock bottom and to finally getting better at dealing with everything and getting clean. As I mentioned above I'm glad that Jake didn't take part in her healing. It could have been a story about the boyfriend as the 'magical problem solver' and I hate that so much. Cause that's now how these things work.


Overall I think it's an amazing story with wonderful characters and a lot of serious issues that are written in a beautiful and great way.