Tears in the Grass!!!

Tears in the Grass - Lynda A. Archer

First things first: I received an ARC of this book through NetGalley.

The book is already out and it's worth checking out.


The book is about "story of three generations of Cree women — Elinor, Louise, and Alice — setting out to uncover a long-buried secret that will change all of their lives. Set in the Qu'Appelle Valley and prairies in the late 1960s, the novel confronts the trauma of residential schools, and the long, dark shadow they cast over the present."


It took me a while to get really into the book and I wasn't sure if the book was for me. But I kept going cause the story just really interested me. And it was so worth it.


The writing is really great and just beautiful when it comes to descibing the world around these three characters.


The characters were wonderful. Elinor was a bit rude at times but that just what comes with age, she's 90-something, people at that age don't waste their times and tell you just how they see things. She reminded me of both my grandma's in that way. I loved reading her story. What I loved about the book was that Louise and Alice weren't just the daughter and granddaughter that were helping Elinor to find her first born child but that they had their own stories too. I love how things went for them. That they grew closer through all of this.


It didn't get a five star raiting for me cause it took me so long to really get into it and because some of the parts felt really drawn out. Still it's a really beautiful story.