Suicide Game!!!

SG - Suicide Game - Haidji

First things first: A while ago there was a giveaway on Haidjii's blog. And that's were I won this book.




I mean, the story is pretty much about a huge game that is being broadcasted everywhere. In the game, people jump from a very high plattform secured by wires (who may or may not keep them from dying). They either survive to go into the next round or they die.


This book makes you think. I finished it an hour ago and I'm still sitting here thinking 'What in the world?'


Like the fact that someone came up with the game? How crazy can you be? But more so the fact that they could actually find 8000 candidates who were willing to throw their lives away. 8000!!!!!


The whole concept behind the book is that people actually are willing to sacrifice everything for their goals and dreams, even if it means it will cost them there lives. And isn't it true?! And isn't that crazy?! What are we doing to ourselves?


Another thing that really got to me was how in the story, the people who were in charge of the games, how far they went to make profit out of the games and even the people that died during it. That's something that we see all the time, in real life too. There is so many bad things happening in the world and there are always people who use it to their advantage and make money out of it.


Like this book isn't just about that Suicide Game and the characters. It's about so much more. I didn't connect with even one of the characters but still I felt for them, cause they all had their different reasons for entering the game but at the end it wasn't about them anymore, it was about the game and how people were entertained by it. Even later, when the candidate got introduced to the audience, it still felt like it wasn't about them and their stories, they were just a tiny part in the big game.


This is a book that will really stick with me for a long time.

Haidji has just such a way with words that makes you really think about things.