Scardust - Suzanne van Rooyen

First things first: I received this ARC through NetGalley.

The book comes out next monday, february 8th. Go check it out!!!


I really really enjoyed this book.
I loved the whole idea behind the book, Raleigh went through some really bad stuff in his past, his brother died and his last wish was for Raleigh to spread his ashes on Mars. So now he's doing everything he can to get to Mars. One night everything changes for him when a dude, they later call Crow, literally falls out of the sky. He doesn't remember anything. But when they touch they share memories.


SO I LOVE THAT IDEA. The futuristic setting was so cool. And I think the mystery was really well done. Like, who the heck is Crow? Where is he coming from? Why has no one else seen the meteor that "dropped" Crown off? Why the memory exchange? Is he human? Is he an alien? So yeah, there were lots of questions and without spoiling anything, I LOVE how everything was revealed at the end.


I love how the backstory of the two characters was told through the memory share. It felt new, since I haven't read anything like that before.


The characters were really complex and there were a lot of layers to them. I didn't necessarily connect with them but I really cared about them and really wanted to know more about them and I really wanted to see were things would be going for them.


I also really loved the relationship between Raleigh and Crow, from strangers, to 'we have to figure this out together', to friends and lastly to 'you know all my deepest darkest secrets and you are still falling in love with me'. I loved that.


The writing was easy to read and just really good. I enjoyed little details like the memories being written in cursive. Or when Crow heard the voices they were written in bold. I also loved the little codes that were written after Crow heard the voices.