The Girlfriend Request!!!

 The Girlfriend Request  - Jodie Andrefski

First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.

The book comes out january 11th and you should totally check it out.


I have so confusing feeling about this book. I'm not sure how to rate it.
I didn't hate it but I didn't love it either.
I don't see myself reading it again but I stll kinda enjoyed it.
This is weird!!!!


This is super spoilery, so be aware of that!!!


So, this book is about Eli and Emma. They are best friends since childhood. Emma has a crush on him but she's afraid to just tell him that. So she comes up with the idea of creating a fake facebook profile, that has basically her personality but the picture of some girl from a homepage. Her plan is to reveal who she really is to Eli later, when he and her fake persona are really close. He will see how much they have in common, they will laugh about it, get together and everything is well. Also Eli, basically figures out after their first conversation that it is Emma. And so it begins.


I'm not a big fan of creating fake profiles. No matter if you are trying to do something good with it or something bad. Just don't create fake profiles. Don't.


Emma's character got a bit too frustrating at times, where I'm just shaking my head and want someone in the book to just talk some sense into her. Thankfully, her friend Sarah was just the person to do that. Even though she had some stupid ideas herself, like finding a third person to make a phonecall from "Kellie" to Eli. Or the fake boyfriend to make Eli jealous. Don't. I also didn't like where the Jake storyline was going. On all the sudden Emma wasn't sure if she actually wanted Eli or if she wanted Jake. And Jake was a bit over the top for me towards the end, with the flowers and the way he acted when he ran into Emma and Eli at the restaurant.


I also wish we could have gotten more from Eli. Like a real journey for him to realize his feelings for Emma. That happened way too fast.


BUT. Even though the story was sometimes a bit too frustrating and half way through I thought about just quitting it. I powered through the last half today...and I'm a sucker for childhood friends falling in love, kissing in the pouring rain and the phrase "It's always been you.".