Zia, The Teenage Zombie & The Undead Diaries!!!

Zia, The Teenage Zombie & The Undead Diaries  - Angela Scott

First things first: I got this book for review over at yaboundbooktours.

The book is out since September 20th and you should totally check it out, if you like books about Zombies or if you want to start readng books about the undead.


I'm having a hard time rating this book to be completely honest. Cause I loved it but I just. The ending?! I didn't really feel it.


Overall I loved LOVED LOVED the idea of the book. This is a world were it's normal to have Zombies, Werwolves and Vampires in the city. They have bands, so the normal population is safe from them. But they go to work, they go to school. They live normally. Not everyone accepts them but they just have to deal with it.


Characterwise, we have Zia as the maincharacter. We read everything from her point of view. I'm not sure about her, I liked her but at the same time she did lots of things that really frustrated me. Especially when it comes to the boys in her life. There were a lot of bad things that happened to her because of two of the dudes (Eli and Rory) and yes, I get that they helped her later and all that and that she did some not so good things either but oh well. I'm just not the forgive and forget type of person. I hold grudges.


I loved the family aspect of the book. I loved Zia's relationship with her dad and her stepmother (I just love how she treated her like a fairly normal person and tried to help her out the best she could). And I'm glad that the relationship between Zia and her stepsister got a bit better towards the end.


I love where Zia ended up. She still can see her family, even though she can't live with them anymore. But I feel like the island is so much better for her and she can live more freely and has started to accept herself for who she is now and that she can start to see the beauty in herself. I don't like who she ended up with but oh well.


I still enjoyed the book a lot. It's just that little part that I didn't like and that I had a few problems with Zia's decisions from time to time. But the writing was really great and the humor was wonderful, I actually laughed out loud a few times.