Sound of Sirens!!!

Sound of Sirens: (Tales of Skylge #1) - Jen Minkman

First things first: I won this book way way back in Sarah Dalton's YA Spring Fling!!! Feels like forever ago. Later I downloaded the whole ebook set of the series in november when there was a discount on it (and that kicked my butt and finally made me start reading it)


That was an amazing start to a series. I love how fast paced it is, it kinda has to be, cause it's 'only' 170 pages long. But still, things don't feel rushed. We get a great amount of world building (the world is so interesting to me) and relationship building. And the characters of course.


I seriously love how the characters are written, especially the relationships. I love LOVE the friendship between Enna and Dani. I'm a sucker for great friendships in books.

I'm still not sure about Royce. But I have two more books to figure it out.


I can't wait to read the rest.