Not Okay Cupid!!!

Not Okay Cupid - Heidi R. Kling

First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.

The book comes out january 11th and you should totally check it out.


For me this book is a total 5 star book, cause at least the book has everything that I need in a good story.


The writing is really good, there is just a wonderful sense of humor and the characters are written so well. I very much enjoyed that.


Then we have the story. Hazel finds her boyfriend and her best friend being all over each other at school. Her bestfriends brother, Felix, comes up with a revenge plan. And so the fake relationship between these two starts. AND I LOVE IT!!!! (Seriously. Fake relationships? Yes, please, count me in!!!) I loved that it wasn't a fake relationship between Hazel and some random guy but the fact that Felix and Hazel go way back. That for her, he was always that annoying brother of her best friend but through them faking their relationship, she actually saw another side of him. (Yes, I'm totally swooning over this story.)


I loved the characters. Hazel. Felix. I loved the relationship that both these characters had with their mothers. Kimmy and Jay. Oh well. A story just has to have these characters that you constantly want to punch in the face as soon as they show up.


Overall this was just such a wonderful story, the love was build up really nice and sweet. It wasn't rushed. It was great. Also a super fast read, if it weren't for my need to watch christmas movies all day long or me lying on the floor thinking about the Haven series finale, I would have finished the book a  lot earlier.)