Kiss Kill Love Him Still!!!

Kiss Kill Love Him Still - Dawn Rae Miller, Jamie Blair

First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.
The book came out this month and if you like something like that, you should totally check it out.

I'm still really unsure about the book.

I really liked the story and the writing. The whole book was just a quick and easy read.

I'm (still) a huge fan of Pretty Little Liars and the book reminded me a little bit of the show.

I think what the story lacked was at least one likeable character.
The victim, Jackson Landis, from what we heard from the girls, how he treated them and blackmailed them, nope, not likeable at all. And then we have the four girls, Livie, Reggie, Haddie and Val. They all got on my nerves thinking they were better than the other girls when in fact they are just as bad. I had my moments where I really liked Val and Reggie. The drunk and the druggie. I don't exactly know what that says about me. But oh well. I just felt like they were a bit more likeable. There were also some minor characters like, Marcus - Reggie's best friend, Paul - Jackson's best friend and Val's boyfriend, Haddie's farther and Livie's mother. Even these four were just really unlikeable for me.

And then we have the fact that I thought this would be a stand alone but at the end of the book I found out that there is another book coming. I don't feel like I'm really that invested in the story to pick up the next one. Like right now I feel like I wanna know who killed Jackson. But I'm pretty sure that by next week, I will have forgotten about it.

All of that being said, it just really wasn't my taste.

I really want to check out other books by the two others, cause like I said, I really like the writing.