Manga Classics: Emma

Manga Classics: Emma - Po Tse, Jane Austen, Luke Mehall;Gaelen Engler;Drew Thayer;Ashley King;Stacy Bare;Chris Barlow;Erica Lineberry;Brendan  Leonard;Teresa Bruffey;D. Scott Borden, Crystal Chan

First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.


I have not read the original book before I read the Manga but while reading this I got really interested to read the book, just to get a little bit more insight and more depth that you probably can't get while reading a Manga.


But that being said I really enjoyed reading the story and I really liked the different characters and the relationships. The art was really good and it was overall just a really quick and easy read. This was my first Manga ever, so I was glad that they gave a little explanation about how to read it.


I totally recommend this, whether you have read Emma before or not, it's really entertaining.