My September 2015

Shattered Blue - Lauren Bird Horowitz Nirvana - J.R. Stewart Bone Dry (Soul Shamans, #1) - Cady Vance Bone Carved - Cady Vance Die Bestimmung: Letzte Entscheidung  - Veronica Roth, Petra Koob-Pawis RunLoveKill Vol. 1 - Jonathan Tsuei, Eric Canete Tortured Life - Dan Watters, Caspar Wijngaard, Neil Gibson Jane Unwrapped - Kate Rooper, Leah Rooper Of High Treason - Ember Shane
Shattered Blue - 4 stars
Nirvana - 4 stars
Bone Dry (Soul Shamans, #1) - 5 stars
Bone Carved - 5 stars
Die Bestimmung: Letzte Entscheidung - 3 stars
RunLoveKill Vol. 1 - 3 stars
Tortured Life - 3 stars
Jane Unwrapped - 4 stars
Of High Treason - 5 stars


Favorite book(s) of the month: Bone Dry, Of High Treason


Books started this month but haven't finished yet: Scintillate, No & Ich, Touching Fate


I'm seriously in shock of how many books I read this month. Cause personally I felt like I didn't get anything done. But here it is. I read 9 books this month. Super proud of myself since it's probably the most books I have read in a month. And they were all pretty good. Not all of them were my favorites but I still really enjoyed it.