Of High Treason!!!

Of High Treason - Ember Shane

First of, thanks so much Ember Shane for sending this book my way!!!


The first book was one of my favorite books in the month that I read it. So of course I was nervous picking up the second book, cause you never know how things will turn out and you just hope that you will like it as much. It's just really rare that you will like it even more than the first book. That's just my experience.


But I LOVED the second book. Apart from the fact that I still don't know what Jenny is. That was the thing I wanted to know the most after finishing the first book but I have high hopes for the third book.


Once again I really loved the relationships in this book. Doyle and Chuck, that friendship is just one of my favorite things. I also really loved that we got moments between Doyle and William and Dylan, especially Doyle and William and how things changed between them. And I'm just a total sucker for Chuck and Kai, which was really heartbreaking this time around.


I really liked how things developed in the book and moved forward. There were like two twists that I didn't see coming at all. And with the end of the book, things seem to be getting really intense and interesting.


Just overall this series seems to be getting better and better.

And people should really start reading, cause it's just really great and wonderfully written.