Finding Perfect!!!

Finding Perfect - Kendra C. Highley

First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.


Be still my heart. Be still.

This is one of those books that is just too cute. I'm sure that whole story is sweeter than the cookies that Ben's mom is baking!!!


I really love the characters. Paige is such a wonderful person, with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Seriously, I got stressed out just reading about all the stuff she had to do and all the plans that her parents made for her. I'm glad that she learned to stand up for herself and go after what she wanted for herself and not what others wanted her to do. I also really liked her father and I was happy that her mother came around at the end.


Ben. Aww. I feel like everyone needs a Ben in their life (well at least I need one). He's just so supportive and sweet. He had so many insecurities about where he lived. He worked super hard for school and his two part time jobs and was so worried about his mom (who I absolutely loved. Such a wonderful woman. So great that she started a baking business.).


And last but not least, Zoey. At first I wasn't so sure about her but she really grew on me throughout the story and now I want a book about her. That's what I loved so much about the book, that the characters were really layered and nobody was the way they seemed.


Also, that story would have gone a complete different way, with a weird love triangle but it didn't, so that fact alone gives the book major brownie points.


So overall, I really recommend this book to everyone who is up for a really fast and super sweet read.