The Shadow Artist!!!

The Shadow Artist - James Grayson

First things first: I received an ARC through NetGalley.


I just love spy stuff and since Covert Affairs got cancelled, I don't have an beautiful spies in my life. Especially some kick ass ladies. So this book is just everything I wanted and everything that I needed.


If I could I would give this book a few more stars, cause I just loved it so much and I'm sure as heck gonna buy the paperback version of it, so I can have the wonderful cover on my bookshelf and can reread it a few more times.


The characters were amazing and the bad guys were really twisted and crazy.
The maincharacter is Alex Winter who works for the CIA and gets pulled into some serious shit. She was wonderfully written, I totally loved her backstory with her not-so-dead father. Is it a spoiler when it happens in the first chapter?! (I ask after I said it!!!)

Jack. Oh Jack. I really love this man. He went some serious stuff, thank god he survived it.


It was really great written and so fast paced, I could've gone through the book way faster, if the current heatwave we are having wasn't melting my brain so bad. (something you will probably notice with the review cause it's all over the place!!!)

There was some stuff that happened that was really A LOT. Bloody and that one moment with Lockard and Jack could be really triggering for some people. So beware of that.


The only thing that I didn't like about this book was that it ended?!?!

I still have so many questions and the book ending is super wide open and I haven't seen anything about this being a series. So what's up with that!!! I'm also not ready to let Alex Winter go, I need more of her.