Playing the Player!!!

Playing the Player - Lisa Brown Roberts


First things first: I received an ARC from Entangled Crush through NetGalley. Still this is an honest review, since I don't know how to be not honest when it comes to reading and how much or how less I enjoyed a story.

On to the review. 5 stars.
Cause I am absolutely and totally in love with the characters; the main ones, the minor ones, the whole story, just everything.

Trina and Slade are such wonderful characters. So different from each other but both still very loveable. Trina's backstory with her brother was really sad.
I also really enjoyed Alex and Desi, they are these side characters that I wish I could read a whole book about.
And of course, Gillian and Max, these two kids were just the cutest things ever. I mean, they were a handful but still, super adorable. Loved how they kinda mirrored the personalities of Trina and Slade.

I'm a sucker for two people who greatly dislike each other in the beginning and who slowly but surely fall in love with each other. It's just, for me, one of the greatest things.
With time, I totally forgot about Trina keeping a secret from Slade about the whole nanny gig, and also the bet that Slade and Alex had. And when it all blew over, oh boy, like a trainwreck. I'm glad they got a happy end, though, cause I was really rooting for them.


Overall this is just a really cute story that is super easy to read and that is really entertaining. I will totally re-read this one.

The book comes out on August 18th. And if this is your typ of story, you should definitely check it out.